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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hazrat Yousuf ( Joseph ) A S MOVIE IN URDU - PART 40

The story begins with a dream and ends with its interpretation. As the sun appeared over the horizon, bathing the earth in its morning glory, Joseph, son of Jacob awoke from his sleep, delighted by a pleasant dream he had. Filled with excitement he ran to his father and reported what he had seen.

Hazrat Yousuf ( Joseph ) A S MOVIE IN URDU - PART 39

This is what the story of Yūsuf confirms categorically, for it ends with comfort and marvels, which is described in Qurʾān. Along with the story there is also some commentary from some leading scholars of Islam. Joseph before the dream

Hazrat Yousuf ( Joseph ) A S MOVIE IN URDU - PART 38

Hazrat Yousaf believed to have been the eleventh son of Jacob (Yaʿqūb), and, according to many scholars, was his favorite. According to Ibn Kathir, "Jacob had twelve sons who were the eponymous ancestors of the tribes of the Israelites. The most noble, the most exalted, the greatest of them was Joseph."[4] Of all of Jacob's children, most scholars believe that Joseph was the one given the gift of prophecy. The story begins with Joseph revealing a dream to his father, which Jacob recognizes as a vision.[5] In addition to the role of God in his life, the story of Yusuf and Zulaikha (Potiphar's wife of the Old Testament) became a popular subject in Persian literature, where it became considerably elaborated over the centuries.[6]

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